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$5,000,000 on the Table

Deep in the heart of Guangzhou Province, China, tucked away in a high security compound, is the most exclusive diamond-cutting facility in the world. For Hearts On Fire Diamonds, it’s the place where art, technology and craftsmanship come together perfectly. Within those walls, General Manager Koen Van Ishoven, a Belgian-born third generation diamond craftsman himself, has created a proprietary system where Hearts On Fire Diamonds are cut and polished to perfection. Selecting only the Best Diamonds, put in the hands of the Best Craftsmen, using the Best Technology.

Koen Van Ishoven and the crew get up-close and personal with one of the precious stones

As Alan prepped for the journey from the other side of the globe, he had a vision of capturing the World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamonds “raining down” on the lens of the Arri Alexa camera. Though Koen told him that was crazy, timing was on Parallax Productions’ side. The shoot was just after New Years Day in the US, and prior to the Chinese New Year, which fell on January 23rd. Because our crew arrived just before the holiday in China, there was an abundance of diamonds both rough and finished to film. Looked like a diamond downpour was in the forecast after all…

DP Dennis Boni with the Arri Alexa

So, in addition to filming Hearts On Fire’s highly trained craftsmen at work using military-grade lasers, tools worthy of any arthroscopic surgical procedure and one-of-a-kind software, Alan and DP Dennis Boni had the privilege of shooting the cascade of diamonds. Poured gracefully onto a beautifully lit black seamless limbo, Alan asked Koen as they landed, “So, what’s the value here?” On that one small tabletop, made up of hundreds of diamonds the answer was… 5 MILLION DOLLARS.  

What $5,000,000 can look like!

Koen and Brain McHardy examining diamonds of various shape and size, using only the best and most precise tools for the job

After about 20 takes the mountain of precious gems were whisked away by an official “diamond wrangler.” But, using scales accurate enough to detect the weight of a single strand of hair, ten minutes hadn’t passed before the wrangler returned. Amazingly he knew that two tiny stones were missing.

Looking for two needles in a haystack, the crew and staff dropped to the floor wielding flashlights… Low and behold, one was spotted twinkling in the corner and the second was found embedded in a small groove in the scoop used to collect them. The precision of this tracking system and other mind-blowing security measures only further prove the caliber of the product: the highest amount of protection for the highest quality diamonds.

Let the diamonds rain!

To capture the ultimate “spinning diamond” for the video series, Koen and master Hearts On Fire diamond-cutter Brian McHardy, knew exactly which lighting angles were optimal, and they had the precise tools necessary to hold the small gems while they rotated flawlessly. With the combination of the most specialized equipment in the world, and our crew’s skill at lighting, Alan returned from China with arguably the most scintillating diamond footage ever filmed. Diamond enthusiasts and fans of HOF have expressed nothing but amazement at these spinning gems, which have been added to everything Hearts On Fire. Yet, what remains most incredible is that they were filmed 100% organically with zero tricks or computer effects. The spinning diamonds brilliance and sparkle speak for themselves… Parallax Productions, under the keen direction of Alan Chebot, produced the videos, but pure unadulterated Hearts On Fire diamonds stole the show.

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